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In Passing 2012

In Passing is a projected moving image installation which draws attention to the tangled suburban and rural environmental conditions along a short stretch of coastline bordering Romney Marsh. The work combines moving image and spoken text to draw attention to co-present temporalities and spatialities in our experience of landscape through digital image and sound. Classes of named and commonly found organic and nonorganic elements in the landscape have been collected to form the scripted sound track. These interweave as a textured ribbon of voices in parallel with the visual track, resulting in images and signs that emerge in relation to one another, sedimented and intersecting.
In Passing explores how how in starting with the linear, with the quantifiable, the traceable, we may work with image and language to discover  the specificity of place, variegation in apparent uniformity and experience the flux of the world.

In Passing  is part of the Shifting Terrains series, the geographical context for which is Romney Marsh, a culturally neglected area of environmentally fragile marshland and constantly shifting coastline in the south east of England.

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