ariadnes dream
ariadnes dream

Ariadnes Dream 2000 - 2

A site specific programmed light installation of 640  tungsten lamps forming a woven web and acting in concert with the fluctuations of solar light. There are 6 separate channels of lights fading and emanating in a wave like sequence over a period of 10 minutes. The electrically generated light is sometimes eclipsed by the predominance of the fluctuating and unpredictable ambient solar light. Sometimes  the 2 sources of light are mutually co present as light on light, and sometimes  the electrical light appears to  predominate, suffusing the space with an interior luminescence.  The subject of Ariadne's Dream is the work done, the labour of the weaving, the consumption of energy to make light and  the movement of the earth around the sun. The gallery becomes a temporary holding station for the conjunction of energies, both light and heat.

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